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  4A - Lesson Plan Requirement

In the next section you will be required to write ONE lesson plan and fill out a brief questionnaire. For your lesson plan you can choose from five different topics, but you only have to submit a single lesson plan. We recommend watching the "Activities" videos and taking a look at the examples in the previous lecture before you start. We expect a lesson outline of at least 2 pages.

Once you’ve finished, please send both documents to: [email protected] We will provide feedback on your assignments, so please don't submit all your work all at once.

If you’re planning to find a job through us, please note that we will attach both your lesson plan and questionnaire to the application package we send to schools. It provides both a written sample of your work and some key insights into your motivations for becoming a teacher.

You can submit both typed and handwritten lesson plans, provided they're submitted as .doc, .dox, or .pdf files.

Good luck!

TEFL Lesson Plan requirement - Template.pdf
TEFL 4A LP requirement - Content - Ages 5-7.pdf
TEFL 4A LP requirement - Content - Ages 7-9.pdf
TEFL 4A LP requirement - Content - Ages 10-12.pdf
TEFL 4A LP requirement - Content - Ages 9-11.pdf
TEFL 4A LP requirement - Content - Ages 8-10.pdf
Interview questionnaire with instructions.pdf